A-List ArtistPreneur Sacred Circle. Set your voice + visibility + soulful expression free

“I want to be all used up when I die.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

What is an ArtistPreneur: A woman who is f***ing badassery. Creative and a leader. She doesn’t wait to be picked. She uses her voice and expression as a catalyst to create opportunities for her art, her career, her world.

She doesn’t always follow the rules. Instead she listens to her wild nature. Deep inside, she knows that the whisper of her soul will always put her on the “right” path.

She is committed to fierce self-expression. She lives by the uncommon belief that a fully expressed woman– a woman that is bold in her voice, aligned with her heart, confident in her worth, whole in her body, and playful in her actions—is a woman that can birth anything.

If this is something you stand for, or want to stand for, this sacred circle is for you…

A-List ArtistPreneur Sacred Circle

The cornerstones:

  • Become the ArtistPreneur of your lifeLive, create and take bold action on behalf of your soul.
  • Fierce Self-Expression: Approach every area of your life from your Truth. No apology.
  • Visibility: Perform your personal story in front of a LIVE audience in LA. Total Badassery.
  • Meaning and Adventure: Play now. Feel now. Experience now.

I am inviting up to 10 women to join me on an adventure into the center of your artistic soul.

This is a high-touch, red-carpet (literally) experience for leaders, change-makers, and creatives ready to take a deep dive into your way of speaking + sharing + living as the artist of your life.

If this stirs something within your self…

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