A Galactic superstar of Divine inspiration birthed into a world of conformity, she has escaped to the universe of creativity. Now a fugitive and outspoken performance junkie; addicted to truth-freaking and story-telling. A lover of sisterhood, liberating badassery by example.


I’m a storyteller, producer, and director. I produce projects for other women-- mostly, coaching ladies on creating their solo shows (from start to finish; writing, rehearsing, and performing) but I've also been known to work on video productions and book visions. Currently, I'm sharing my own story of sexuality, survival, and soul through my one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine which will be touring in 2018. Through this show, I have also had the opportunity to work with Lisa Steadman on a scripted series that is based off of the Dirty story. I am also a lover of poetry. I believe words and stories heal. Because of this, I created a program that is open to both pro artists and women that have never been on the stage. She Takes The Stage takes participants through a five month journey where they write their untold stories and set them free through a LIVE theatre performance.

* Dirty Me Divine has sold out in LA and San Francisco and we are working on a tour for the show. If you'd like to support the funding of this show and my art, please check out this crowd-funding site.



“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you: figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

“I wanna be all used up when I die”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

“The world without spirit is a wasteland”  ~ Joseph Campbell

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou



At 19, I came to Hollywood to act. I tried. I took classes. I auditioned. I came close. I tried harder.

But my Soul wasn’t in it.

I was doing it for validation. I wanted “them” to tell me I was good enough. I felt everyone else was better and more badass. Prettier and more popular. I was disconnected from my power. I was playing a role to fit into what the men in Hollywood wanted me to be. 

I was running out of money.
I started stripping.
I began to dance my life away.

In 2008 
I had only been married a year. Life was fresh, fun and fab. At the same time, we were preparing for my papa to receive a bone marrow transplant. We did not expect him to pass before the procedure, but a series of events unfolded and my papa took his last breath.

In 2009
I was on fire. With rage and rebellion. I was not going to live this short life the way I had been living it anymore, with fear looming in every corner, fucking with my joy. My papa’s death taught me to live. I began to explore my inner world. Like a detective I scoured my life for signs of foul play. I went to one of my very first personal growth workshops and had a luscious-lightning bulb- moment:

No one “out there” was sabotaging my dreams. (ding!ding!ding!)

I was the ghost haunting my life. (dong)

I, as in the Little Self; wanting approval, terrified of committing to my desires, waiting for someone (or something) to save me.

In 2010
I connected the dots. I hadn’t been using my voice as an Artist because I hadn’t found my voice as a Woman. I had so much shame around my story of being a “dirty” girl that I lost my confidence. I felt wrong and un-worthy, weird and wild, like a sensitive alien.

I began to do the “work.”

I went from victim to vixen (just like that! Overnight!)


Ha! It took time. I looked my demons in the eye and devoured them. One by one I ate their pretty little heads for lunch- by being bold.

Translation: By shaking in my boots and running towards the scary monsters vs running away from them. The monsters included layers upon layers of exploration: what did I believe? what did I want to express? how was my voice and shame connected? 

I co-created a personal growth business with my BFF Regena Garrepy. We called it Bye Bye Good Girl. I taught other women how to heal from the quiet and compliant syndrome.

In 2011
I had another luscious-lightning- bulb- moment: If I were to look at my life through the spiritual lens (not just parts of my life but ALL of it), then this was the truth: I was under sacred contract.

My life as a stripper, my love of acting, my desire to write, my connection to the Feminine was ALL sacred.

In 2012
I began writing my one-woman show (started out as a book- year later realized I didn’t want a book- just another manifestation of doing it someone else’s way- back to drawing boards (back to Truth)- the show became my North Star.)

In 2013
Bye Bye Good Girl was no longer a fit. My partner and I were expanding. We dissolved the company.

I started taking the stage and mentoring other women to do the same. She Takes The Stage was born.

In 2014
I launched a successful kickstarter and raised over $15,000 to fund my one-woman show.

In 2015
I honored my Artist with a sold-out preview showing of Dirty Me Divine.

2016- Present Moment

The last few years I have dedicated myself to women’s voices being heard. I’ve produced and directed a number of solo shows for clients. She Take The Stage has had yearly theatre performance. I’ve created a circle called RED; which is a place for fierce, female artists to be in community and collaboration. And finally, I’ve been performing Dirty Me Divine, directed by my husband Chaim Dunbar, and preparing to get it on tour for 2018.




Christina Dunbar is an actress, poet, producer, and mentor to creative women. She is the creator of She Takes The Stage, a program that takes a select group of women through the journey of writing their story and then performing it on stage. Christina also produces full length solo shows for clients. She has directed shows that have graced the Bootleg, Whitefire, Highways Performance Space, and CAP theatres in LA. Christina is currently preparing for a tour of her own one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine.



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