The heroine's journey is full of demons and doubts. This one happens to include a strip club that helps a young woman survive as she sets out to create a life separate of society’s rules. In Dirty Me Divine, Christina struggles between the voice of the Jewish Good Girl and the call of the Rebel Dreamer within. As she travels the seedy land of Hollywood in search of her Artist, Christina encounters the lure of men and money along the way. What does it mean to be a woman in a patriarchal society? Embodying 11 different characters, Christina explores this question while battling shame around her choice to strip. Heart-breaking, hilarious, and meaningful, Christina shatters labels and rules as she navigates the desire to be a hot and holy female on her own terms. Personal, yet universal, moving and brave, this story dares to share all parts of woman—the sexy, the innocent, the powerful, the dirty and the divine.


On the road to womanhood I found myself on various paths: A quiet Good Girl, a ballerina who had to quit ballet because my breasts got too big, a wanna-be actress that felt lost in Hollywood, a stripper that never felt good enough, a woman paralyzed by fear....

And now a mentor for women + poet + performer who has learned how to freak my truth through my art. This is the story of how I transformed my "bad girl" shame and got dirty in order to get to the Divine.


DMD tank top

It is the most spectacular story, told in a hilarious, deep and soul-stretching way. My heart was filled up the entire time. With love. With compassion. With sadness. With understanding. With enthusiasm. With righteousness. With sisterhood. With power. With desire. With celebration. With possibility. With “yes, yes, yes.” And with awe. ~ Tabby Biddle


My eyes got teary from your very first word. Your energy went straight to the heart. I could feel how deep you reached to share your story. And how many women will be liberated by your daring to bring forth all that you are.  ~ Wendi Knox





Blown away! I don’t have enough amazing adjectives to describe your show preview! ~ Amie Chilson


Still processing everything I felt inside and witnessed. Beyond inspired….transformed! ~ Jennifer Buchholz


It’s stuck with me for dayyyyysssss!! I was driving today and had the distinct feeling that you will be performing this in front of 1000’s of people. Every woman and teenage girl needs to see this. ~Jolette Jai









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