Watch this woman give birth

Jolette Jai certifies parenting coaches through her company, The Jai Institute for Parenting, and she was one of the amazing women chosen for ArtistPreneurs On Stage.

Jolette created a very intense, courageous performance around her birth and being a mother. Her and I both were excited about sharing this story with you.

I’ll let Jolette speak in her own words…

What inspired you to say YES to the artistpreneur journey?

I knew that there was something inside of me that needed to come out and I wasn’t sure what that was. Even as a public speaker, I knew that there was something I wasn’t saying that needed to be said and heard by me and others.

What fears or blocks did you move through in this process?

I moved through the fear of being fully seen, not for what I’m currently ‘known for’, but seen just for me in my raw, authentic truth.

What was the biggest gift of saying YES to your voice and visibility?

I called a whole lot of love into my life! And I can access my creativity much more readily…it’s so palpable now.

Can you share a little about how this journey of honoring your artist, your voice, your right to be seen has impacted your life immediately and how you sense it might impact your future.

I’m always striving to provide the highest level of service to our clients and coaches in my business, The Jai Institute For Parenting. I’ve always wanted to give the women who we train to be Parenting coaches even more of a voice and now, it’s happening, just by me honoring my artist and voice in artistpreneur. Our coaches are taking risks and growing in tremendous ways now because of the shift in my leadership skills.

I have a renewed sense of excitement and confidence around my goals and dreams that are coming to fruition now.

Please add anything you might want to share with women reading this that want to experience a breakthrough around their voice, their expression, and their visibility in the world but might be hesitant or afraid.

Take the leap, trust your inner voice, know that you have something SO great inside just waiting to come out. Do yourself the greatest service right now, in this moment… just do it. What is waiting for you on the other side is absolutely magical.

A note from Christina: Application deadline for A-List ArtistPreneurs is this Saturday, May 24th at 12pm midnight. Information about this sacred circle + application is right here.


To your fierce expression + visibility,

Christina Dunbar

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