Barbie BS

This was written for all the women out there that feel like you are not enough or like you’re “too” much; which are two sides of the same coin.
Ugly. Pretty. Too loud. Too white. Too dark.  Too thin. Too fat.
This is a poem for women that just want to be called… women.

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Sex and sound. A myth for women warriors…


Come closer.


I am going to tell you a story. A story that is full of shadow and light, diamonds and darkness, sex and spirit, sorrow and soul.

Once upon a time….

There lived a good little girl named Light.

She came into the world with a knowing; a sense of things. She would sit on her daddy’s lap and try to explain what she felt.

Darkness. Black. Space.

But not black the color. And not empty.

It was nothingness.

She was tapped into Goddess Kali, a feminine energy that laughs at ego and spits on the face of time. Light had no words to express the depth of Kali and every time she opened her mouth to speak, she was silenced. Only the sound of air was heard as she would… [Read more...]

What do you stand for in your message? Not sure? Read this…


Dear truth-freaker,

Today we start with a basic question, that (depending on where you’re at with it) can turn you on and make you jump for joy, make you wanna run with fear and duck for cover, or turn you into a rambling mess of a messenger.

I’ve felt all three of these emotions when exploring the question…

What do you stand for?

Taking a stand is about: Voicing your Truth–not just internally believing in it.

Taking a stand is about: Embodying your truth–It is about honoring your stand so fully that you embody what it is you are standing for. In other words, you live it.

Taking a stand is about: Letting go of what people think. Taking a stand is about willing to accept that some might not agree with you.


When I finally claimed what I stood for, it felt simple yet potent. Surprisingly uncomplicated. It felt like… me. And it came down to three words (well one word and one hyphenated word if we’re to be technical).

Fierce self-expression.

I stand for fierce self-expression.

That’s it. So simple. And yet these simple words allowed me to own my truth on a whole other level. It allowed me to confidently claim my stand both verbally and in my body.

Because taking a stand does wonders for your message (and your art, your body, your life), I’ve dedicated today’s blog to a fun Artist Activation to help you get clear on what you stand for.


A note: taking a stand doesn’t have to be all deep and heavy. It’s not about taking a stand for outer recognition or to make a splash. It’s about your personal Truth

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Make your art famous. A new paradigm: Part 2.


Coaches hang with coaches.

Writers hang with writers.

Singers hang with singers.

Makes sense.

But what if we stirred things up and started hanging in circles that weren’t in our immediate career choice?

I just had a convo with one of my dearest friends and we were catching up on what’s transpired for us. A little backstory: my friend is a life and strategy coach. A damn good one. But she’s got a quirk. She’s obsessed with artsy creatives- like jewelry makers and fashion designers and furniture builders and stage performers.

This friend of mine has had a coaching biz for a while and she did what most coaches do… hung out with other coaches. But recently, her biz has blown up- like pa-pow.


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For creatives, a new paradigm to build your platform


Dear Creatives, Artistpreneurs, and Rebel Rousers,

There is a new paradigm coming. One where you truly get to be all of you. One where you get paid well for being you. I am stepping into this paradigm. It is different. It is exhilarating. I am still learning.  I am ready.

Are you?

Last week I was speaking to an artistpreneur client of mine; an amazing leader whom I adore. Her work in the world is taking off, but she shared with me that she really wants to bring in other sides of her—mainly dance and singing. She wanted to integrate this into her business.

“Girlfriend, I know exactly what you’re talking about,” I said.

As you may know, a little over a year ago, I had the sense that something was missing in my life (and my biz). It was the artist in me. What you may not know is the tizzy I went into when it became clear that I wanted… lots.

I wanted to write a one-woman show. I also had the strange urge to write poetry (strange because poetry wasn’t something I did). I remember watching slam poets and thinking, I want that. I want that kind of expression in my life. At around the very same time, I also felt called to co-create projects with my husband. All of these precious gems came tumbling into my awareness and what followed… was utter chaos.


Which way to go?

I felt confused—um, was I now supposed to create a brand with my husband? At the time, I already had a brand called Bye Bye Good Girl.  And when was I going to put energy into my personal brand? My art? How would all this even make sense to the public? Was I just gonna look like one sloppy, indecisive, soom-soom mess?  {Definition of soom-soom, in case you’re wondering, is:  crazy (in Russian)}

“They” say you need to have one niche. “They” say to focus on one thing. And that may be true.

Until it isn’t.

Until someone does it differently.

Until the paradigm shifts.

In my chaotic state last year, I realized I needed a north star. I needed to find some examples of people breaking all the rules in life and biz. And even if I couldn’t find people that were doing exactly what I wanted to do (write a show, create projects with the hubby, mentor women + birth my art—in case you forgot what was on my mind back then), I would look for people that were an archetype, a model, a presence of badassery. [Read more...]

The dumb n’ ditzy in me caught on video


I was going to start a channel called CDTV. I even started capturing my AlterSheEgos on film.

But I didn’t share my cray.

I got caught up in the dirty D word.


Doubt about video quality. And what would that look like?

Doubt about the silliness of my Alter SheEgos. And what would you think? That I’m weird??

Well, I am.


I am weird.

There is no how-to in this video, no heavy teaching in this video.

And so some may think; what’s the value in it? What’s the point?

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Four branding boo-boos that keep you hidden


Dear love,

Tomorrow is the last day to receive over 50% off my coaching packages and dive into private mentorship with me. After this, I will not be offering any more brand n’ biz coaching. As you may know from my last post, I am expanding into some new areas… so this is it, baby!

One of the huge ways I support my private clients is with visibility. This is a key place to breakthrough if you want to connect with your community, bring in more moola, and be seen as the leader or messenger of your movement.

Let’s take a peek at the 4 common branding mistakes that keep you hidden…

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Closing my biz + what this means for you…


She guided me. She whispered to me. She led me to my bliss.

My artist.

An inner presence that wanted me to be present. To the moment. To the impulse. To the Truth.

She asked me to set aside my doubts and get on my ass on stage.
And so I did.
She told me to go pro on camera and freak my truth on film.
And so I did.
And then she nudged me to offer those experiences to others.

And so I am.

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Act first. Think second. Here’s why…


I walked along the hills. Wanting to take in the soil underneath my feet. Longing to lose myself in the misty air. Aching to become one with nature.

But f*ck if this mind would allow that.

Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

Friend or foe?

Thinking; about the different projects.

Thinking; about the new show for an internet network.

And the thinking turned to analyzing. Measuring.

And that was trouble. Because analyzing, pairs up really nicely against the backdrop of results. Meaning analyzing an outcome. After the creation. After the action step. After—not before.

Analyzing before inspired action (note the word inspired), takes all the genius outta of the genie.

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Is this spiritual-healer-nicey-nice talk holding you back?


“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.” Barbara Kingsolver

Blog posts, a speech, a monologue, a launch, a brand, a breathtaking book.

You sit down to tune into the thing you’re creating and you’re taught to think like this; how can you serve? What do your people want?

Write it/make it/create it for them.

Um yeah, that’s lovely. But what do you have to say?

We live in a culture where almost everything is about the outer, the end result, the goal, the effect, the applause.

Wait. Stop. Hold up.

But what do you have to say?

Let’s look at numbers, lists, popularity, what’s working for others, maybe you should be more like them.

But. What. Do. You. Have. To. Say???

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